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Keeping Your Little Monster’s Teeth Healthy This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday many children look forward to! There will be more than 90 percent of children trick or treating this year, bringing home bags full of sugary candy that can potentially harm their teeth. By taking some preventive steps Halloween will be fun for your child without harming their teeth. Giving your child sugar free gum to chew after eating sugary candy will help prevent cavities by stimulating saliva flow helping cleansetheir teeth. Every time you eat a sugary snack damaging acids form affecting your teeth for at least 20 minutes before it is neutralized. Sugarless gum contains sweetening agents that will help fight away the bacteria in plaque and clean away acid that can eat away at tooth enamel. We also recommend brushing and flossing at least three times a day as well as rinsing with a fluoride rinse. By following these recommendations you will keep your child’s teeth healthy and beautiful!

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