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Be prepared for a dental emergency!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Whether you are eating, exercising, playing, or involved in some harmless activity, you may be at risk for breaking a tooth or hurting your mouth. It is very important to prepare for a dental emergency so when you do see the dentist it can be repaired. What is a dental emergency? It can be a broken or cracked tooth, a tooth that was knocked loose, a dental crown that has fallen out or a cut on your gums or cheek. You can avoid some of these situations by taking simple measures such as avoiding hard foods and wearing a night guard while playing sports .This will help reduce your risk of breaking a tooth or having it knocked out. Immediately call a dentist if your tooth is knocked out, for the best chance of saving the tooth it is extremely important you see the dentist within an hour of the incident. The tooth should be held by the crown or top, rinsed with water to remove any dirt and wrapped in a clean cloth soaked with milk or a saline solution to help from damaging the cells necessary to reattach the tooth to the bone.  If you have chipped or fractured your tooth, depending on how severe the damage is, it can be fixed, but you have to be sure to see your dentist before any other symptoms occur.

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