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Brushing The Correct Way

It’s very important as adults and children that we learn how to brush our teeth the correct way. Since it’s hard for young children to brush on their own, there should always be someone helping them. Children need to be shown how to hold a toothbrush properly.  All of us should be brushing twice a day for at least two minutes. To help children with getting them to brush for two minutes, you can play a song or have them watch a video while you time them. So when should you brush your teeth? It’s important to try and brush your teeth right after eating any starchy foods such as potato chips or any sugary snacks to help clean away any cavity causing bacteria. We should all be brushing with a fluoride toothpaste every morning and before bed. When brushing we want to use a circular motion making sure to we cover the entire mouth this will ensure we do not cause damage to our teeth and gums. Learning at an early age how to take care of our teeth properly will help protect our oral health for life!

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