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Dentin Hypersensitivity

Have you experienced short, sharp pain in your teeth? Dentin hypersensitivity or sensitive teeth, is very common. When the dentin, the layer of tissue beneath the hard enamelcontaining the inner pulp is exposed your teeth become more susceptible to sensitivity. You may experience this sensitivity with hot, cold, sour, or sweet beverages or foods, forceful brushing or flossing or exposure to cold air. Located in the dentin of your tooth are tiny tubes filled with fluid, the movement of this fluid makes the nerve irritated thus causing your teeth to become sensitive. Believe it or not dentin hypersensitivity is the most common complaint among dental patients, so common one in five people experience it at some point. There are things you can do to help avoid experiencing this sensitivity. Limiting acidic beverages and cola as well as the consumption of acidic foods will help prevent enamel erosion thus preventing teeth sensitivity. Even the way we brush our teeth is extremely important, brushing too hard can cause enamel abrasion leading to sensitivity. Keep your teeth from being sensitive, use a soft bristled tooth brush a toothpaste, containing a desensitizing agent and reduce your intake of acidic foods and beverages.

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