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Major Health Problems Associated with Mouth Breathing

With the changing of the seasons upon us and the flowers blooming there is an extreme amount  of pollen in the air. For many of us who suffer from seasonal allergies this may cause the onset of  a habit for us called “mouth breathing.”  Mouth breathing  is associated with various physical, medical and social problems. Since many of us see our dentist more frequently than a physician, they are usually the first ones to identify the symptoms of mouth breathing. Because dentists understand the problems that are associated with mouth breathing, they can help prevent the adverse effects. If left untreated children who mouth breathe may suffer from abnormal facial and dental development , such as narrow faces, gummy smiles, gingivitis and crooked teeth.  Academic performance and growth can also be affected due to the result of poor sleeping habits associated with mouth breathing. Many children are misdiagnosed as having an attention deficit disorder. High blood pressure, heart problems, sleep apnea and various other medical issues from poor oxygen concentration in the blood stream are also linked to mouth breathing. Typically children who mouth breathe have trouble sleeping, in turn making it difficult to concentrate causing problems with academics as well as behavioral issues. When children are diagnosed at an early age as being a mouth breather , there are various treatments they can undergo to help minimize the side effects. If you are a mouth breather stop suffering from the side effects, visit your dentist so he or she can evaluate you and let you know about the various treatments options available to you !

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