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Nutrition and your oral health

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A study done by The American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry and nutritionists have proven certain foods we eat to be extremely beneficial to our oral health. Calcium and vitamin D intake is so vital for the growth of solid baby and adult teeth. Vitamin C and protein are needed for the maintenance of connective, gum and bone tissue. A lack of these in your diet can contribute to periodontal disease. A sensible diet with adequate amounts of the primary nutrients necessary for the proper development and maintenance of your oral tissues will help ensure a healthy and comfortable functioning mouth over your lifetime. Not maintaining a diet full of the proper nutrients can lead to serious problems in your ability to chew comfortably and retain your natural teeth. The followingfoods listed are just a few foods that will help keep your smile healthy. Basil is a natural antibiotic and reduces bacteria in the mouth. Broccoli helps prevent enamel erosion by forming an acid resistant film on the teeth. Carrots are full of vitamin A which is necessary for the formation of tooth enamel and because it is crunchy it cleanses and stimulates the gums keeping them healthy. Cheese has lactic acid which helps prevent tooth decay. Shitake mushrooms contain a sugar called lentinan helping to prevent bacteria from growing in the mouth. Strawberries are not only high in fiber and rich with vitamin C but they are also known to be a great gum scrubber. So for great optimal dental health whenever possible try to incorporate these great super foods into your diet.

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