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Older Adults and Tooth Loss

According to the American Dental Association older American adults are keeping their teeth longer. Data collected from a survey done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination was used to assess changes in the loss of teeth with adults ranging in age from 50 and older. The findings showed a decrease in tooth loss by more than 75 percent among adults from 64-74 years old over the past five decades. The data revealed tooth loss among older adults of today in the United States is at its lowest, which means they are keeping more of their natural teeth. This is good news since studies have shown that tooth loss can have an impact on the quality of life, with the likelihood of eating a not so healthy diet. With more teeth present there is an increased need to protect and take care of oral health in turn helping to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease thus improving the overall quality of life. We recommend keeping up with your routine dental cleaning and check-up as well as brushing and flossing to help maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

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