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Protection from Infection in the Dental Office

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Your dentist has strict safety regulations that are to be followed in order to protect patientsand staff. Since contact with blood and saliva are involved infection control procedures call for most dental instruments and supplies to be either heat sterilized or disposed of in order to help prevent the spread of disease. The center for disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association have standard precautions and safety procedures that both the dentist and staff are to follow in order to ensure patient safety. All dental staff involved in patient care should be wearing gloves, masks, and eyewear. When seeing patients both the dentist and staff should be washing his or her hands and changing gloves and masks after seeing each patient. Instruments used during dental procedures are cleaned by sterilizing them destroying all forms of microbial life. Protective items such as gloves, masks, suction tips and needles are discarded after each patient use. Sterilization of the drill and other instruments used on each patient prevents transmission of diseases. TheCDC and ADA have specific heat sterilization procedures that your dental office should be following. Dental offices use a machine called an autoclave which is a dry heat oven to clean the instruments used on a patient. Before a patient enters an examination room it is disinfected and protective coverings are placed on the equipment. Disposable sharp items such as needles and items contaminated with blood are disposed of in special biohazard containers. Here at Dr. Nichols office we practice all safety precaution procedures ensuring the safety of both our patients and staff!

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