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School has started have you scheduled your child’s dental check-up?

It’s that time of year again school has begun. The shopping is done for new clothes, shoes and the backpack. A trip to the physician’s already on the calendar for your child’s routine physical check-up. Have you scheduled your child’s routine dental check-up? Along with your child’s physical appointment there should be a visit scheduled to see the dentist. In fact in many states including New York and Pennsylvania it is a requirement for your child to see the dentist before entering school. The reason for this is because studies have shown an increase in pediatric dental disease linking your child’s dental health to their overall medical health. Keeping your child’s mouth healthy will help keep their body healthy. Tooth decay can be very painful and when a child has a toothache it can interfere with their concentration and learning capabilities. The center for disease control reported tooth decay in baby teeth has increased among children between the ages of two to five years old. So keep your child healthy from head to toe, call your dentist today and get them ready for a great school year!

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