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The Color of Your Smile

When it comes to our teeth many of us only want one shade white. The whiter the better! Unfortunately the color of our teeth may not always be the color we want them to be. Teeth come in many shades and the color can change from a variety of causes. As the tooth enamel develops the color of your teeth can be affected by many different factors. Antibiotics especially tetracycline if used while pregnant can cause baby teeth to become brown or grey. Taking medication as a child during the development of permanent teeth can also cause similar discoloration. Food and drink over time can stain and darken your teeth. Illness, heredity and sometimes an injury can also cause tooth discoloration. There is hope for those who wish to have whiter teeth! We offer our patients many options to help give them the smile they want. From veneers to bonding to at home professional tooth whitening, we can help you achieve the smile you desire!

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