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Yes, you Should Schedule Your Dental Appointment. It is Safe!

Dental problems that are found early on such as very small decay in a tooth, rarely have symptoms, so people often aren’t aware they have a problem until a dentist examines their teeth. That is why keeping up with the recommended checkups and cleanings every three, six or twelve months, depending on a person’s oral health is very important. Dental problems when treated early will be less of a problem, and more affordable. The coronavirus pandemic guidelines caused most people to postpone elective dental care, that delay could become problem. The longer you wait, the more complex it can become. Where you once needed a simple filling, you might now need a root canal. Or, if you needed a root canal, you could end up with an abscess or maybe lose the tooth altogether. The next question on your mind may be. Is it safe to visit the dentist? The answer is yes! As a dental practice we have always met or exceeded OSHA and CDC guidelines, and we have added new measures to go above and beyond. Besides using disposable gowns, gloves, masks and eyewear we have installed extraoral suction systems in every treatment room. This special equipment removes droplets and aerosols from the air. It purifies the air by killing viruses and bacteria using a medical grade filtration system. Your health and safety has always been our top priority!

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